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Collective labour law is the most demanding and critical area of labour law. Incorrect or inaccurate contracts here can lead to immense damage, as they do not only concern individual employees, but the entire workforce of a company. Co-operation between company management and the Works Council or Trade Unions frequently proves very challenging due to the complex nature of relationships, hidden agendas and conflicts of interest. The design of company agreements about working time, variable compensation, target setting schemes, bonuses, pensions, healthcare, code of ethics, etc. are examples, which give an indication of the complexities involved. The entire scope of the collective labour law becomes apparent in corporate reorganizations that are associated with mass redundancies, social plans, and equalisation of interests agreements. Over many years I have acquired extensive expertise in solving sometimes very complex collective labour law cases for large multinational corporations as well as for smaller and mid-sized companies or Works Councils. Only an experienced lawyer knows how to take the economic aspects as well as the legal perspective into consideration in order to develop sustainable and viable long-term agreements that ensure the co-operation of Management with the Works Council.